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We have seasons that we enjoy throughout the year. We love the bright summer, and we enjoy being with a hot chocolate in a cozy warm house during the winter. We enjoy the beauty of the fall with trees showing their true colors, and we love the new life in a flower’s bloom in the spring. All this is so great and beautiful because every season has a purpose.

“There is a time for everything…” Ecclesiastes describes in chapter 3:1-8 about the seasons of life. Everyone who reads these verses can relate their life to the things he wrote. Like the weather, life-seasons change, and the emotional seasons you go through have their own purpose. If you are going through the darkest period of your life, know, it has a purpose. If you are going through the best time of your life, know, it has a purpose too. Don’t ever be sad about the season you are facing, but instead rejoice and let God build you!
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