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Could the slightest flap of a butterfly’s wings have an effect on the weather down the road? Could it cause or prevent a tornado? Could something so small have such large-scale alterations in future events?

The butterfly effect serves as a reminder that there are consequences to every action, yet, not every consequence can be seen or determined immediately. Something that is done today may not reveal itself right away. It’s aftermath may take years or decades to show up. Think about those in history books whose actions are still impacting our world today.

We all need to think about what we do and why we do it in light of what may happen and who will be affected because of it!

This does not only apply to negative consequences but try to think about it in terms of positive consequences instead. There’s more power in an act of kindness and in encouragement than you may realize. Let your actions be God-inspired, and see the impact your deeds have on other people’s lives.

If you do not see visible results from your positive actions do not be discouraged, rather, trust that God is in control. He works in ways that are much bigger than we comprehend. When we act on His behalf He is working in the background whether we realize it or not, and whether we get to see the results in this lifetime or not!

“For I want you to understand what really matters, so that you may live pure and blameless lives until the day of Christ’s return.” Philippians 1:10

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