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There are so many instructions in the Bible that contradict fleshly actions. The way we may want to act instinctively may not necessarily follow the wisdom in the Scriptures. Give to the church, though you need that money for groceries; forgive that person, though they spread rumors about you; have faith, though fear is screaming in your face.

It is difficult and counterintuitive, and very often it requires self-sacrifice. But we are called to be different, and there is blessing behind the sacrifice!

It is a game-changer in our faith walk when we choose to do what is right rather than what would make us feel better.

We can get hurt by many people in our lifetime, but what really stings is when it comes from someone you love and trust. It is with family and friends that we form the strongest bonds, and it is family and friends that can hurt us the most because of those bonds.

A betrayal of any sort can throw a person off course. But the point to remember is that a betrayal will stay with us, only as long as we choose to carry it.

It comes down to realizing that everyone makes mistakes, and deciding how you handle those mistakes when they are directed your way. Everyone holds the power to hurt another person, but you can control how you treat others and how the actions of others affect you.

So very often it is our actions when we are hurt that have the opportunity to minister the most about our relationship with Jesus Christ.

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” Romans 12:21

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