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When we struggle, it’s easy to label God as distant. We can become overwhelmed with the burden of worry, fear and sadness so much that we feel completely alone and crushed—like a broken pot. But the presence of hardship does not mean the absence of God. 

His eyes are upon you at all times and He holds the power to turn your brokenness into something beautiful.

Job chapter 2 is set soon after Job lost all of his livestock, his servants and shepherds, his house, all of his children and now his health. Covered in boils, verse 8 says, “Job scraped his skin with a piece of broken pottery as he sat among the ashes.”

He sat among the ashes of everything he lost, shattered and in despair. He was a broken man using a broken pot on his wounds. Sometimes when we are broken we gravitate toward other things that are broken. This is a trap that will keep us weighed down and will feed hopelessness.

Job cried out in his trials but ultimately came through the fire with a deeper understanding of God’s sovereignty and love. Amidst your suffering, God wants to be your comforter. He understands and knows your pain. He is present in every situation. He never looks away. Trust Him to bring the beauty out of the ashes and broken pieces!
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