• Steadfast: Your thoughts

Steadfast – Part Two

Your thoughts, words, and actions are all connected, and it takes a lot of hard work to develop habits that lead you to success and joy.  In anything you do, dedication to healthy habits will always take you far. Spiritually, dedication to the same will have everlasting results.  Although they are often easy to start, maintaining good habits takes an entirely different level of commitment. No matter

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  • He is steadfast and will always meet your needs when you come to Him.

Steadfast – Part One

God's truth will never fail you. He will never abandon you, in good times or seasons of greatest desperation, He will never leave. He is the one you can always rely on as an anchor of hope, strength, and guidance no matter where you are or where you go.  He is steadfast and will always meet your needs when you come to Him. The truth is we

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  • Interference - Part Two 1

Interference – Part Two

Interference: The way you view yourself will directly affect what you will accomplish in your life and what you leave behind. Insecurity, self-doubt, and fear can turn us into our own greatest hindrance.  As you walk through your journey, remember no matter what you face, nothing can interfere with your access to God in prayer. If you’re struggling with self-confidence in any way, this is a reminder

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  • Interference - Part One 2

Interference – Part One

Interference: Confusion is a tool our enemy has mastered. He knows we can’t operate in our purpose if we have seeds of doubt in our heart. He knows if he can tempt us with earthly comforts that we will quickly forget our eternal reward. He is the expert of interference, and if he can work his way between you and God he most definitely will, and he

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  • Declutter

Declutter – Part Two

A grounded bird struggles and wrestles as it attempts to take flight with heavy oil coating its wings. It will try and try, but only become exhausted as the oil weighs down each effort. Likewise, trying to pursue God’s purpose for your life without taking care of your emotional health is just as productive. It directly impacts your spiritual health and consequently everything else you attempt

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