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Imagine watching the prima ballerina take the stage. The music plays and the lights come up. She begins to maneuver her body with such poise, beauty and grace. It takes a great deal of strength to move as she does and it must be centered at her core to maintain balance.

Like this ballerina, in order to have peace, strength and wisdom when it comes to our families, we must also be centered—Christ-centered. We have the greatest role model in Jesus and daily help through the Holy Spirit.

It is invaluable for your family to be centered in Him. How do you do it? Come together as a family to pray and read the Word of God. Serve one another and teach obedience and self-control. Be an example to one another inside and outside of the home, and above all else abound in love and grace.

The world will keep trying to pull your attention away but keep your eyes fixed on Him and He will show you the way!

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