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Don’t let things pass by without facing them, whether they are good or bad. Wonderful moments can slip away if we don’t take time to cherish and appreciate them. Problems that are not confronted personally will take control over your life. Unresolved issues give permission to your past to remind you of heartache or failures. You don’t have to fight with your past all of your life. No, you need to know that the past has to be healed in order to take control over your destiny. Sins need to be forgiven and forgiveness must be given to take on the future with purpose. God has an amazing plan for you, don’t let anything hold you back or keep you from enjoying it! 

The Bible teaches us and shows us many examples of how God is fighting for us and He will never turn His back on us! God is a God who will fight for your life even if your past tells you don’t deserve it!
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