Community is where we live, work, raise our children and spend our lives. Doesn’t it make sense to invest in it every way we can so our families can live peaceably? Here are five easy ways to help build your community.

1. Host a Block Party Getting to know your neighbors is an excellent way to build community!

Determine your party’s theme, i.e., chili cook-off, cake challenge, movie on the lawn, etc., THINK FUN! Solicit gift cards from local businesses so they can support their community also, and you can promote their business by using them as prizes. Make it fun for everyone, finding ways to encourage interaction with each other. Note: Be sure to check for any required neighborhood permits.

2. Start a Community Garden

It’s not that difficult to find someone to donate at least half an acre of ground to set up a community garden, especially when they receive a small percentage of the crops or the garden beautifies an area of your neighborhood! We have found that this event is especially beneficial to those at a retirement age, as they have more available time. It lends itself to building relationships among those who tend to isolate.

3. Outreaches for Women

It’s pretty easy to find creative ways to pull women together; below are just a few:

* Bible Study
* Book Club
* Clothing Swap
* Craft Share
* Toy Swap

4. Outreaches for Men

Brainstorm ways to use things men love to connect and develop healthy solid relationships!

* Cars
* Fishing Tournament
* Gun Show
* Hunting Events
* Motorcycles
* Preparedness Skills
* Sporting Events

5. Volunteering

You can volunteer or appreciate those who do great work in your community; both are excellent ways to build and connect your community! Below are a few places to do both:

* Neighborhood Watch Group
* Local Non-Profits
* Local Hospitals or Free Clinics
* Legal Aid
* Community Centers
* Local Schools
* Library Consider: tutoring, mentoring, language practice, literacy, skills development, and translation are some of the many ways you can reach out to your community and become an essential part!