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A baby reaches up toward an electrical outlet, catching his father’s eye. The father quickly says, “No, don’t touch that,” and pulls the child away. Parents say no to their children, not because they want to be unfair or cruel, they just want to protect them.

This example reflects God’s protection over our lives. We want, and we seek after things, but it’s not always what God has for us and He will tell us no if it will hurt us.

As humans, we are always thinking. We have been dreaming about our future since we were young. We have free will that governs our thoughts and actions, but when our free will doesn’t line up with God’s plan for us we can end up fighting with Him. 

Our ego often times wants something different. How many times has God given us blessings beyond our imagination, but we ignored them just because we thought it is not suited for us? How many times have we felt that we need to delete a certain phone number, or say no to compromising friendships, and didn’t? How many times have we messed up and hurt so many people, including God, and felt there is no way back?

Free will is a gift from God and we must use it responsibly! If we are to live in His purpose for our lives we must surrender ourselves to Him and embrace His direction. It IS better than anything we could plan ourselves! We have to stop intervening with His master plan for our life and give Him the opportunity to bless us in ways only He can. We have to stop fighting with God and kill our ego so He can grow in us! Like a parent forgives and guides their child, God will do the same for us.

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”
Psalm 37:4
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