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God is near, real and relevant in our life more than we can imagine. He can’t do wrong to us, only good! Many feel that God is unfair to them or that He’s forgotten about them—abandoned. The reality is He never leaves, rather, we push Him away because of past experiences and hurts. We must not blur the lines between how people have hurt us and God. He will never fail or hurt you!

People will from time to time, but this doesn’t mean we let it impact us for the rest of our lives. Feeling disappointed towards God will only separate us from His blessing and plan for us. Relying on Him, even when we don’t understand our situation is far better than being bitter.

As we read the Bible we can see that many of our heroes of the faith were betrayed, almost killed, sold, shamed and more, but their hearts never turned against God. They didn’t blame God for the actions of people. Choose instead to forgive people and rely on God. Forgiving makes you bigger, like God, who forgives our sins and lets us come to Him whenever we want. It is time to trust God and His perfect timing. It is time to truly find God… He will do good!
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