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Hopes up, never give up

When hopelessness invades our heart it’s time to reconsider the direction of our life, and push through to a place where we never give up. It is easy to fall down, but when we fail we learn what we are really made of. 

One thing we always have to know is that we are children of God designed for success, and because of that the attacks on us are significant. Just imagine a fruitful land verses a dry weary land. Understandably, more will fight over the fruitful land than the empty one. That’s what God sees in you—a fruitful land where you have everything built in already to be successful. The attacks on you will sometimes be so great that you need God’s divine protection to cover you as the enemy will try to steal pieces of your potential. Little by little if you allow the enemy to win over, you will be completely robbed. 

Your perspective will make all the difference here. When you fail you can learn how to stand up, when you lose something you can learn how to restore it, when you are lost you can learn how to find the right path, when you are on the edge of giving up, you can learn how to be victorious. All these things can only happen when God is in the middle of your everything! Never put God behind you, put Him first and pull from His wisdom and strength! 
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