Imperfect 1

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We are not perfect, in fact we fail quite often and that’s ok with God. He knows us better than we do and sees the full picture of our entire life. While you may see a failure in the mirror, God sees an opportunity to shape His character in you, and a chance for you to grow and become more like Him—PERFECT!

The first thing you need to know is God never, ever, will give up on you. No matter your circumstance, He is open to  the imperfect you. He never expects perfection, but an attitude open to change and a heart seeking after Him. He wants to turn your failures into your greatest strength, and He will use them to take you farther than you could ever have imagined. His great plan involves you, because you are an important part of the body of Christ, and He never forgets about you. That’s how much He loves you.

Instead of trying to appear perfect, choose to pursue God as you are. He will work in you and your road ahead will be victorious!

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