Keep it Going 2

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Keep it going

To call something successful, you must look at how much you fought for it. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how you started if you give up in the end. The key to remember is success is driven by perseverance. 

Many fail because they want success right away and skip important steps to attain it. Others get stuck in the middle when complications arise and they don’t know which direction to go. Some give up before they even begin because of fear! How then do we find perseverance, patience and direction? The answer is very simple—in Jesus! 

Jesus said in the Bible that He is “the way and the truth and the life.” There is no other way than Jesus. Our true personal or spiritual success will always be found in Him so long as you don’t give up! If you can’t find perseverance, ask Jesus who is “the way” to give you the strength you need. If you need answers, you can find “the truth” in Him. If you are stuck in one place, or feel the roads are closed for you and you don’t have strength to find an escape, He is “the life.”

Don’t seek a solution in someone or something else! He is the best one to go to, and in Him you will find strength to fight through difficulty, move forward, and finish strong!

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