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We all keep memories of our mistakes and successes; our failures and triumphs. These memories have played a role in shaping our future and outlook on life. One bad memory has the power to make our future look dim. We can let it take over if we are unable to overcome it. If you can’t handle your failure you also can’t handle your success, because many times your failures can lead to your success. Your breakdown can be your win if God is involved.

If in our downfalls we surrender to God, we allow Him to fight for us, allowing for a tremendous restoration. If you don’t know how to handle memories of failure, know that God is searching an open heart that seeks Him for guidance, and that He can restore your life in ways you never imagined possible. Restoration comes through prayer. Ask God to restore you and heal your heart and mind. Use your past mistakes as an opportunity to GROW and to be VICTORIOUS!
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