• Interference - Part One 1

Interference – Part One

Interference: Confusion is a tool our enemy has mastered. He knows we can’t operate in our purpose if we have seeds of doubt in our heart. He knows if he can tempt us with earthly comforts that we will quickly forget our eternal reward. He is the expert of interference, and if he can work his way between you and God he most definitely will, and he

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  • Declutter

Declutter – Part Two

A grounded bird struggles and wrestles as it attempts to take flight with heavy oil coating its wings. It will try and try, but only become exhausted as the oil weighs down each effort. Likewise, trying to pursue God’s purpose for your life without taking care of your emotional health is just as productive. It directly impacts your spiritual health and consequently everything else you attempt

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  • Declutter Part One

Declutter – Part One

You’ll never see an athlete competing in a race with a parachute attached to their waist. They’d be running with resistance, working against themselves the entire time. We do the same thing to ourselves when we pursue what we are not called to do. Something happens deep within us when we go down an incorrect path. Red flags show up, we feel a tug in our spirit

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  • Fire & Ice Part Two

Fire & Ice Part Two

Beauty and tribulation present themselves at unexpected times. Though we can’t predict when we will encounter either, we always have a decision about how we accept them into our lives. Will you slow down enough to take in and appreciate the beautiful things? Will you allow the hardships, evils, and temptations in the world to consume your heart into bitterness or anxiety? Your point of view is everything. What

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  • Fire & Ice

Fire & Ice

Our hearts need great care. Many things in our world put our hearts in jeopardy if we forget to take the proper precautions to protect them. Robert Frost in his poem “Fire and Ice” put it clear that two areas of self-destruction are that of fire and ice, both rooted in our hearts. The fiery emotions of desire and the icy calamities of hate.Biblically speaking, your heart matters, and

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