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The small victories in our lives should never be looked as unimportant in any way, because they pave the way for the bigger victories God has for everyone. When small victories are overlooked we often give up too early. The fight was never meant to be easy, but we were also never meant to fight with our own strength.

Parents, when you are fighting for your kids to walk on the right path, don’t give up! Husbands and wives, when your marriage is suffering, don’t turn your backs on each other! If you struggle to find your dream job don’t stop pursuing it! Instead, seek out the small wins and the opportunities to they present to push you forward. 

God’s way is a mysterious way, and His work often can’t be seen immediately because He works in His own time. This is something many get confused and disappointed about, and eventually quit. But if you learn the value in God’s time and of what He is trying to build in you along the way, you will find yourself in a place of peace even when things don’t make sense! 

Cherish the small victories along the way and you will be filled with renewed strength!
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