by Dottie Compton

There is so much beauty in life, but much of it can only be experienced when we are quiet and still.

During my recent travels, I have become keenly aware of my need to re-learn how to quiet myself at a deeper level (inside and out) and embrace stillness, not just for short periods, but consistently.

I am no stranger to the battle between business and stillness, yet being ready to slow life down, I assumed restfulness would return naturally.

However, after working more than full-time most of my life, I have had to re-learn the art of quieting myself mentally, spiritually, and physically.

In stillness, we become better acquainted with our inner selves and hear and understand God more clearly, enabling us to embrace His perspective.

Silence helps us become more aware of our internal as we respond to the stimuli around us.

Do you know that every minute we humans send 16M texts on the phone, post 66K photos on Instagram, and share 1.7M pieces of content on Facebook? And that is just a tiny part of our lives.

No wonder we struggle to be still.

Stillness is most challenging when we allow our lives to become too busy (even in areas God calls us to), become emotionally overwhelmed, or face difficulties with those we love.

Exodus 14:14 says, “The Lord will fight for you; you only need to be still.”

Stillness enables us to cooperate with God, so He can open the right doors and release victories—His way and in His timing.

The key is we have to want what He wants and want it for His purposes. When we allow our selfish desires to interfere, we become anxious and miss out on God’s best for us.

As humans, our minds and hearts are hungry for silence—the stillness of God. His voice gives us rest, wisdom, and peace.

“Be still” is the cry of our inner selves because it takes us to a place called home with our Creator.

I pray you find your place of “Be Still” to enjoy life more fully❤️

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