The Eyes 2

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The Eyes

The eyes are one of the most important parts of the human body, and thanks to eyes we are able to see the world and make sense of what we touch and feel. Faith is the opposite though! Faith is something you can’t see or touch; it’s something that doesn’t require your eyes, but your obedience.

This world so often says, “If I don’t see it, I don’t like it” or “If I don’t see God, I don’t believe in Him,” but God in many ways works through faith rather that showing Himself to us. By checking the Bible we read how so many of the mighty Bible heroes had a leap of faith at some point. Abraham, Moses, David, Joseph, Apostle Paul and so many more, were challenged by God to obey His word and have faith for their future. They accepted it and let God move, and His spoken word became real.

Many of us need to let God work in His right time in our lives. Many of us don’t let Him work, because truthfully our faith is based on the convenience of our time rather than God’s. So often we fail because of our impatience, and we are missing out because we want our problems to get resolved immediately rather letting God prepare His promised land for us.

If you are struggling with having faith without seeing tangible evidence—one whose faith is based on what they see—take a leap of faith, close your physical eyes and open the eyes of your heart!

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