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Looking at the life of Moses, we see God’s promise to him to deliver Israel from the hand of the Pharaoh came along with a lot of faith. It wasn’t easy, and Moses went through a very hard time fighting with his own people, proving that indeed he could communicate with God and even going before the Pharaoh. 

Looking at King David, do you remember God’s promise that he would call out David to be the rightful king? It wasn’t easy for David either because in reality he had to prove himself to be wise and strong enough to lead Israel. And one small thing, he had to run for his life a few time because Saul wanted him dead. This was a very hard time for David also.

The Bible is full of examples of many who went through hard times and the faith they needed to lean on to see them through. But in their attitude and action they proclaimed God as their Savior, Provider, Healer and Teacher. We have to value the hard times we are going through because they makes us strong. Don’t complain about it, just be faithful! If you are in need God is your solution! 

“When the righteous cry for help, the LORD hears and delivers them out of all their troubles.”
Psalm 34:17
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