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God will give you what you need, not necessarily what you want to lead you into your purpose.

Sometimes we ask God for certain things at certain times, and it doesn’t happen the way we think. That doesn’t mean God doesn’t hear your requests or care about your dreams, it means He knows even more than we do. Sometimes He is protecting you, and sometimes the time is just not right yet. 

God knows your hearts desires. He knows your pros and cons, your strengths and weaknesses. He knows exactly what you need in the season of life you’re in. Never doubt in your future and life, just know God has the right things for you. He holds your future and He holds your destiny. 

Remember Joseph, who had a dream that he would rule over his entire family? He didn’t get to that place the way he wanted, he had to go through some of the biggest obstacles imaginable. He was betrayed by his brothers, imprisoned, almost executed, cheated and blamed. However, he had a humble heart and was focused on God rather than his life situation. Eventually his dream became a reality. Though it was not easy, the obstacles he faced made him stronger and brought him to a place of victory.

Never stop dreaming big! Just know God will shape you and prepare you for that dream. If you feel trapped in troubles, know that God has purpose and something bigger in store for you.
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