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Your Moment is Now

Your moment is now! You have a destiny to fulfill… Don’t be afraid, step up! Come out from the darkness, insecurities, frustration and anger. The light is shining for you, and God is calling you to come as you are! Yes, that’s correct, as you are!

Many times you’ve fought with the idea that you have to be perfect to serve God; you’ve thought the mountain you have to climb is too high and difficult; you’ve thought you’re not as anointed as others, or that your story is not as “cool” as someone else’s; you’ve been under the weight of fear to open your mouth and share your beliefs. Yes, all of us go through these phases in our lives, but God never said come when you become perfect, He said come as you are!

All you need to know right now is that this is your moment. This is your life, the greatest mission you are put on this Earth for. Never settle for seasonal things, but oppositely focus on God and His Kingdom. He will give you the strength you need, He will give you all you need!

Your moment is now!

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