Creative Outreach Ministries exists to help you uncover and develop your God-given potential for purposeful life.

A better world starts with one person, spreads to a family, and then the world around us.


Our greatest desire is to inspire, encourage, and offer clear solutions to take life to a deeper level of satisfaction.
A better world starts with one person, spreads to a family, and then the world around us. We envision communities of people who stand for one another, helping in ways that enables others to experience life fully.
One by one, we strive daily to connect with people to empower them to live their best lives right now!


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Hi! I’m Dottie. Thank you for stopping by!

I was born and raised in Indiana, where I met Rich, who became my husband and best friend for 44 years. Following God’s direction, Rich and I moved to Conroe, Texas, and became actively involved in our local church, which led us out into our community. Together, we stepped into ministry, which later became Creative Outreach Ministries.

Looking back, I’m still amazed at what God can do with willing hearts and hands! We helped anyone we saw in need, from serving hot soup, blankets, and gloves on those rare wintery days, to repairing holes in the outer walls of the homes of the elderly. We fell in love with people, and out of that love grew purposeful programs under Creative Outreach.

Today, I’m still passionate about helping people and am so excited about meeting you! Let’s build a community together, where we can laugh, heal, and learn to enrich each other’s lives so we can pay it forward to those around us!

No matter where you’re at in life, I’ve learned you always have something to offer others. I feel more equipped to help than ever, as I have learned a lot through life’s struggles and victories. I believe God put greatness inside of you, and no matter what, He will use the good and the bad times to bring you to a place of purpose and significance!


After 10 years of going out into our community to help our neighbors, our Founder, Dottie Compton, realized the growing need for a place where our community could come to us and officially obtained our 501(c)(3) status in 1998.

Soon after, in 1999, Angelic Resale opened its doors to help provide for the expanding ministry of Creative Outreach, connecting those who had with those in need. Through strong community support our Community Hope (community outreach) program was able to operate out of that location. We worked with local churches, over 129 schools, and various Christian organizations and agencies through a food and clothing voucher program we developed.

One significant contribution from Dottie’s early struggles was the birth of New Life Women’s Center in 2004. New Life’s purpose was to bring restoration to women with broken lives as she once had.

Through the 18 years New Life operated, many women turned their pain into purpose and went on to build lives that included helping others find hope and freedom.

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