by Ekaterina Stefanova

Guest Post

Have you ever been asked the question:

What does it mean to believe?

It would be challenging to answer this question in one sentence, but I would say this: To believe is to have a profound relationship with your heavenly Father.

This concept might seem easy, but through my spiritual growth, I realize that faith in Jesus Christ puts me in a place where I can completely free myself from my selfishness, trust in His grace, and walk forward boldly with Him.

However, this pursuit is far from simple, particularly in a materialistic world where healing and everyday needs are vital.

Sometimes, during moments of depression, provoked by doubts of whether God cares about me or if I will receive His miracle, I find it most challenging to have faith; this is where I’d like to direct your attention.

I often meet people who want things to happen instantly, myself included.

I have prayed much for miracles, but many seemed to take forever, or I never saw them.

Christians sometimes want “candy miracles” bought in a few minutes, like at the local store. We sadly turn God into a sales clerk of miracles or even a magician.

The big question is: What happens when I don’t see the miracle?

These have been moments of deep brokenness and seeking God’s face.

I finally realized that God doesn’t change His love for me even if I don’t get answers to all my questions and desires, even if I am left with my unmet needs or poor health.

God does not want us to remain with our needs unmet, but His purposes are much higher. Sometimes, He knows our greater need is healing our hearts/emotions or strengthening our character.

Every one of us, at times, has been helped by God, even when our hearts were far from Him.

But it is time to grow and search God not because of answered prayer or His healing but because He is the healer; let’s search God not because He can multiply bread and fish but because He is our bread of life; let’s love God not because He can turn water into wine but because He is the living water of our spirit, soul, and body.

I am reminded of a special man named Nick Vujicic, born without arms and legs, with a fulfilling life and a happy family. How is that possible?

Because he discovered life’s secret—his faith in God is not based on what he will get from God but on the depth of his relationship with God.

As a result of Nick’s relationship with God, he can USE HIS CHALLENGES to motivate people to not wait on a miracle, but with God’s help, learn how to love life and carry His love to others right where you are, even during difficulties.

The foundation of true faith is love—the more we love God, the closer we come to Him and can love the world around us on His behalf because His love is the greatest miracle❤️

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