by Ekaterina Stefanova

Guest Post

How do you measure up to the ant?

The ant is one of the world’s strongest creatures in relation to its size. A single ant can carry 50 times its own body weight, and they’ll even work together to move bigger objects as a group!

The National Geographic Kids states:

  • Ants hold the record for the fastest movement in the animal kingdom.
  • Ants can be found on every single continent except Antarctica; isn’t that ironic!
  • Ants don’t have ears, and some of them don’t have eyes!
  • Ants are social insects which live in colonies.
  • The largest ant’s nest ever found was over 3,700 miles wide!

When it comes to spiritual matters, Christians have the power to do the impossible through God’s wisdom and strength, just like the ant!

If God had not engineered the ants the way He did, they would not be able to accomplish the incredible feats they do daily.

They work with what God gave them and maximize it to their ability!

I can’t help but wonder how an ant can get it more right than we humans.

Sadly, we often neglect God and what He wants us to contribute to this world. We fall into the trap of looking at what others are doing and working hard to be a version of them and what looks like success.

Consider what we could accomplish if we accept ourselves, what and who God made us to be as individuals, working with our personalities, gifts, talents, etc., to fulfill His purposes.

All along, God has given us everything we need as we make Him our priority and lean into His will, wisdom, and strength.

When we get that right, we could say as David did in Psalms 18:29-32,

By God, I can run against a troop. By my God, I have leaped over a wall. God’s way is perfect; the Word of the Lord is proven; He is a shield to all who trust in Him.

With Jesus, you are stronger than you think ❤️

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