by Ekaterina Stefanova

Guest Post

Unveil Your Best Self in the New Year!

As the calendar turns its page to welcome us into another year, Charles Dickens’ words resonate in my heart:

“A new heart for New Year, always.”

In these simple words lies the essence of the transformational potential for every one of us.

New Year is a real new opportunity for personal reflection and renewal—a special moment to write down coming goals and focus on ourselves and our hearts.

Dickens’ words urge us to embrace the new perspective that we will be stronger and happier if we first change our hearts, stating,

“all change is dependent on our hearts.”

The proof of that is the wise advice of King Solomon, who said: “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life” Proverbs 4:23

Life is in our hearts, and all change must begin there. A life that brings joy and fulfillment requires us to nurture our inner world – cultivating gratitude, kindness, and compassion.

In every act of love, we see God Himself.

That is why when we guard our hearts and allow Jesus to pour out His love and heal us, we become the fountain of the Divine to those around us.

Imagine a world where each individual starts the New Year with a new heart. We would enjoy empathy that eliminates barriers, understanding that replaces judgment and kindness becoming our universal language.

It is possible because God loves each individual, and His heart desires to bring heaven to earth.

The next step is YOURS.

Today, I pray you decide to rise and shine, choosing to look within and allow God to help you change any self-defeating thoughts, feelings, or desires in your heart, and become your best self in the coming New Year.

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