by Dottie Compton

If you have ever felt alone, rejected, unloved, unforgiven, or shameful, you can understand our need for God and His unconditional love.

In Luke 15:4-7, God uses the example of a shepherd with 100 sheep, and one goes missing.

Painting a picture of God’s love for each of us, it states He will leave the majority (99 others) and search high and low for those of us who find ourselves lost while looking for the kind of love only God can give.

Looking to people who are human and unable to love the way God loves will continue to cause pain and disappointment.

But when we finally see our need for Him and accept His love and forgiveness, He rejoices over us more than those who stayed by His side.

It’s understandable when considering a parent’s love for their child. It isn’t that He loves us more than the others; it’s because His heart was breaking while we were lost, confused, hurting, or even in rebellion.

Returning to Him positions us to find healing, forgiveness, and direction and to love Him freely—deeply. At the same time, His pain of our separation lifts.

Know this, no matter where you are, what you have done or not done, HE LOVES YOU UNCONDITIONALLY – PERIOD!

Isn’t it time to experience the kind of love that only God can give you?

Look to God for what only He can give. Choose to trust Him with your life, knowing He may need to help you make adjustments to improve your life.

If you work with Him, your life will improve, and you will find peace, healing, strength, belonging, and perfect love.

God values you, and He’s constantly searching for ways to tell you that❤️

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