by Ivo Koychev

Guest Post

Faith is breakthrough, but it is not only for breakthroughs.

Faith is successful, but it does not serve only for success.

Faith is bold but not reckless.

Faith is truly loving, believing in everything, but not stupid – it is insightful.

Faith lives, functions, and serves through truth, but only that truth is born of God’s love.

Faith sometimes leads to loneliness, but never in isolation.

Faith often suffers, but it is not in despair.

Faith works hard in the present, but it shapes the future.

Faith is for the heart, but it does not exclude the mind. It invites the mind into the heart to be renewed.

Faith is discerningly merciful, not merely giving.

Faith does not seek its own but seeks God’s as its own.

Faith is not transitory in its achievements, but all that has been accomplished by it is laid aside in order to stretch forward to the new, which is set as the goal of God for the future. Faith is progressive.

Faith hates sin but fills with grace the person who has conquered sin in his life. Such a person has become righteous because he lives by that same faith by which he conquered sin in his life.

Faith does not simply rejoice in the success of others but in their humility that has followed their success. It is not easy to humble yourself after success.

Faith does not seek manifestation through the power of authority, dominance, or the influence of political or religious achievements but through a life crucified in Christ. Faith has no ambitions for anything in this world. She does not seek dominion, power, or influence, she already possesses them divinely through love; all she seeks is lives to be changed in Christ. Faith develops its divine potential only by relationship, not by achievement.

Faith is about loving life with God and neighbors, but also about loving life with enemies.

Faith leads us to loving superiority, not civilizational, ideological, political, or religious superiority.

Faith humbles the human self by exalting the love of all for all. Faith blesses those who have made themselves servants to lift up and bless the weak, the lowly, and the rejected.

Faith is not a concept of human religious logic but an action born of love to provoke paradoxes against the firmly established systems of fallen human nature in this world.

Faith is hidden, quiet, and silent, yet its voice is heard at the four ends of the earth. Show me faith without works, that I may show faith with works.

Faith looks upon the heavenly as an earthly possession. Heaven is strongly attracted by the faith of the believer.

The heavens proclaim the glory of God, whatever that means, but faith proclaims the glorious work of Christ.

Faith looks for the answers to life’s questions not in strict divine answers but in the individual stories of trials and triumphs of the individual believer. In a sense, faith “kills.”

Faith moves but sometimes crawls, depending on the state of the believer, but never stands still and never gives up until it reaches its God-ordained destination.

2 Corinthians 13:5
Examine yourselves whether you are in the faith; try yourself. Or for yourselves, do you not know that Christ is in you unless you are rebuked?

God, give us faith!

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