by Dottie Compton

If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

Would it be what people say about you, a reflection of your past, how you feel about your current life situation, or what God says?

In Mark 8:29, Jesus asked His disciples a similar question:
“Who do you say I am?”

They knew Jesus intimately, witnessed His many miracles, and had been transformed by His teaching. They loved and admired Him, yet Jesus saw a more profound need in them.

They hadn’t yet realized their need to emulate Him:

To think, talk, and act like Him.

We can so easily make the same mistake.

At some point in our walk with Jesus, we have to ask ourselves the same question: who do I say Jesus is, and how well do I reflect His character?

We either admire Him or imitate Him.

You might be a little like me and have moments when, being honest with yourself, you must admit that you miss it entirely or struggle to conduct yourself like Jesus consistently.

Jesus knows our frailty and selfish human side, yet He continues to love us, forgives quickly when we ask, and remains faithful as we learn and grow into His likeness.

Remember, as Christians, our journey (goal) is to become intimately acquainted with Christ and take on His likeness—revealing Him and His character to those around us.

We would be much happier if we practiced getting our minds off ourselves and onto Jesus, focusing on the adjustments we need to make to become His reflection.

His presence strengthens as we spend time with Him in His Word through prayer and meditation and deliberately make the changes necessary to agree with what He says is right and moral.

As our life reflects more of His character, our self-image issues and other’s opinions will quickly lessen in value, and we will enjoy an inner peace only His presence can bring❤️

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