• Hibernation Part Two

Hibernation Part Two

If you’ve ever felt trapped where you are in life, there are two main options to handle it: you can become depressed and discouraged, or you can open your heart to recognize God’s purpose in it.  This is not it for you. There is a larger plan. David, a shepherd boy, was out in the fields day-by-day tending his father’s sheep. Reasonably, he may have wondered if

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  • Hibernation Part One

Hibernation Part One

It is a crisp winter day... You step outside and as the cool wind hits your face it is immediate freshness. If you’re not in a hurry to rush in the car or house, you pause for just a moment to take it in. Whether you like the cold or not, there is something slower, calmer, and peaceful about it. We all have winter seasons in our lives irrespective of the weather.

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We all have a road to travel. We all have a purpose to fulfill. When our hearts are coupled with God’s, He ensures us His guidance, wisdom, and protection! Beyond that, He has given us another great gift to help us in our journey here on earth—each other.   The family of God was beautifully designed to signify His unfailing love and acceptance to all who believe

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It’s a common thought that we need to be perfect in order to have a strong walk with God. It’s also common to get trapped in a comparison game when looking at someone else. It breeds thoughts that we are never good enough to be in His presence, much less have a close relationship with Him. If you’ve ever had a similar thought, remember this: God values

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  • The Keys 2

The Keys

There’s a lot of competition when it comes to our attention. More than likely you’ve had moments when you’ve had so much going on that you tried to make room for everything. Unless you are superhuman, you probably ended up spread too thin, and just plain tired. Simplification in every aspect is going to bring calm to your heart, mind, and spirit when it is accomplished and

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